Helping Out

Without volunteers this event would simply not be able to run, your help is invaluable.

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Why Not Volunteer to See The Riders Off and Welcome Them Back Again?

In order to help ensure this huge event is a success we always rely on volunteers to help in running this annual event that's been going since 2009.

As the saying goes 'many hands make light work' and the same is also true with this weekend. If we can get the numbers required, it means that during Saturday night only 7 volunteers will have to be on duty for 3.5 hours (from 22.30 onwards) at any one time to be there as riders come back and finish their routes.

Free camping is available on-site to all volunteers or there's plenty of accommodation options nearby, including 3 Premier Inns all less than 15 minutes away.

Apart from helping to man registration on Friday afternoon and helping to cone off the car park when all visiting riders have left later that evening the bulk of the work is very early Saturday morning when riders start, and then late Saturday evening onwards as they finish.

For a smooth event we need;

Hopefully many of the above numbers will be the same people, helping out all weekend.

As such if you're happy to come along for the whole weekend you can still get plenty of rest during the day on Saturday and go off sightseeing or shopping/riding somewhere until we all get together again for a briefing on Saturday afternoon. This means it can still be a nice weekend helping out as you won't be at it all the time.

We provide riders with hot food and drink when they finish so if anyone fancies helping to run a tea bar and prepare bacon butties and hot dogs etc for a few hours on Saturday evening then that might be all you need to do to help out all weekend.